Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix from Cream of Creams

Soft serve mixes are available in various flavours and in powder or liquid form.

JoyyCup brings you creamy and yummy soft serve tastes created by Cream of Creams, a brand synonymous with quality and only the best! Made with fresh natural ingredients, this European recipe is all about a delectable taste which has proven not only to be a favourite among all age groups, but also a preferred choice of establishments seeking to serve the best.

While the natural taste of vanilla remains a top choice, you can be adventurous and create your own unique flavour to call your own. Or go with the perennial favourite - chocolate or strawberry.

To cater to the yogurt lover, we have the liquid premix enriched with prebiotics or a lower-priced powdered version - soft serve yogurt powder mix.

How to prepare the soft serve ice cream powder mix

Cream of Creams soft serve ice cream powder mix is easy to dissolve in cold water. With just a few whisks while smelling the delightful scent of vanilla, it's ready to be used!

  • Pour 3.5 litres of water into a clean measuring container
  • Next pour 1.5kg of Cream of Creams soft serve powder mix into the container
  • Stir and mix well until powder dissolves
  • Now the mixture is ready to be poured into the hopper of the soft serve machine

What's the difference between Powder and Liquid Mix?


Price of liquid premix is higher, almost double that of the powder mix.


Powder mix can be stored at room temperature wheras liquid mix must be chilled between 2 and 4 degrees celsius.


You can create your own unique taste with the powder mix by adding different flavours to the mix. The liquid premix would have the flavour added eg .chocolate flavoured premix.


For the powder mix, you have to mix the soft serve powder with water to get the mixture before pouring into the hopper of the machine. But for the liquid premix, you just need to open the packet and pour straight into the hopper.

Cream of Creams soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt mixes have one of the best tastes in the market.

Whenever we have a tasting session, we would ask our guests to rate the taste of the soft serve ice cream created with Cream of Creams mix and the response that we get is always positive! Take a look at the chart on how they rate on the yummy factor, sweetness and whether the creamy texture was right for them.

Source : Respondents are customers and guests who have tasted our freshly prepared soft serve without any added toppings or flavourings for the purpose of recording their responses based on the original vanilla taste.

(Last updated : 4 August 2016)

JoyCup is the authorised distributor of Cream of Creams soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt mixes.

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