Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental for Events

Need a soft serve ice cream machine for an event or party? We can help you! There is a minimum of 100 servings

JoyyCup brings not just the machine to your venue but also the service crew to dispense and serve the soft serve.

You don't have to worry about the mixes to create the ice cream, cups and cones.

And the delicious toppings to add flavour to the ice cream.

And we arrange the transportation of the soft serve machine to your location (within Singapore).

We have service crew to make sure that it is a smooth process and your guests are enjoying their treats

Before eventDuring eventAfter event
30 min to set up and prepareServing of soft serve for min. 2 hr and up to 6 hr30 min to clean and pack up

We have both the counter-top and floor model machines. The choice of machine is dependent on the number of servings you have requested.

*Soft serve powder mix to create the ice cream comes in ice cream and frozen yogurt varieties. You can even have both ice cream and yogurt at the same time!

Call us at 65 38 38 11

We'll be happy to discuss about your specific needs and provide you with the best arrangement.

There's always room for ice cream.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is it easy to use the machine?
You can be assured that though the soft serve machine is bigger than the coffee machine that we see in offices or homes, it is easy to operate. First you get the soft serve mix ready and pour into the container (known as the hopper). Then let the machine work the magic and freeze the mixture into soft ice cream in about 10 to 15 minutes and it's good to go.
2Is it easy to dispense the soft serve ice cream or frozen frogurt?
Sure it is! It's intuitive in fact. Get ready your cup or cone. Turn the handle down and see the swirl of soft serve ooze out slowly... You kinda swirl the cup in your hand gently to get that familiar curlicue forming and then you finish it with a nice little tip at the top.
3Do we need a service staff to be stationed at the machine all the time?
No. The machine is meant to bring fun and convenience to your event. When we include a service staff in your rental service package, he or she is there to start the machine, prepare the mix for you and to make sure that the whole soft serve ice cream service operates smoothly. The service includes topping up the soft serve mix for an uninterrupted serving. We are sure your guests or participants would love to use the dispenser and enjoy the dispensing of the soft serve themselves!
4Can we top up the soft serve mix ourselves?
Sure you can! The hopper at the top of the machine is where you will pour the additional mix into. When the machine alerts you on the low mix level, you just need to get ready the mix and pour it into the hopper.
5How much space do we need?
Generally, a footprint of 1 metre by 1 metre is sufficient whether a floor model or table top machine is used.
6Can we use the machine outdoors?
Soft serve machines are placed indoors for most of the events. However we would like to consider your request should you need the machine in an open area. We have to consider the electricity outlet availability, amount of shade, weather conditions, terrain (concrete ground, grassy patch etc). Do contact us to provide more information for us to work out something for you.
7What do we need to prepare before the arrival of the machine?
To start, as the machines (which can weigh between 90kg and below 200kg) have to be wheeled to the designated spot, do make sure your location is at a lift landing area or at ground level. Next, for safety purpose, allow enough footprint (the amount of space) for the machine to be placed at the venue without causing any obstruction. Third, make sure there is a 15-amp electricity outlet to plug the machine to.

A wash area near the machine is preferred for preparation before serving and to facilitate the washing and keeping the serving area clean and hygienic.

Ice cream tasting session available!

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