With the wide selection of soft serve ice cream and yogurt machine available, a checklist will be useful to start your search for a soft serve machine.

Do you want a single flavour dispensing machine? Perhaps a double flavour machine is more exciting.

What about the manufacturer? And when you have finally made a decision to pick a machine, you want the price to match your expectations.

Fret not! We will take you through the process of the machine shopping and help you pick the most suitable machine to suit your needs..

Start with watching a demonstration. You'll immediately understand how the machine operates and your search will become easier.

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  • Manufacturer
  • Capacity
  • Price
  • Single or double flavour
  • Maintenanace and waranty

How does a soft serve machine work?

A soft serve is a compact machine that uses soft serve mixture to churn out soft ice cream by mixing air and freezing it into ice cream. The hopper which is found at the top of the machine is where you will pour the mix into. The mix then goes into a cylinder where it gets frozen. In order to prevent the soft serve ice cream from get solid hard, there is a beater ‘beating’ the mix and at the same time adding air to create a smooth and cream product.

Counter-top Soft Serve Machine

A counter-top machine can be placed on an existing counter space of a cafe, restaurant or a coffee shop drink area.

It costs less than a floor model machine and can be added easily to any F&B business, adding variety of dessert choices for their customers.

Floor Model Soft Serve Machine

A floor model soft serve machine costs more than a counter-top machine and occupies a footprint of relatively small area depending on the size and made of the machine of it..

A floor model machine can churn out a larger quantity of ice cream and a soft serve ice cream specialty shop will usually use floor model machines.