Soft serve at your event

Everyone would love it.

In fact, they can't wait.

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Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine/Yogurt Dispenser

Here's our trusty machine...
Soft Serve Ice Cream Yogurt Machine

Production capacity: 240 cups (100grams/3.5oz)

First dispensing: 10 minutes

Dimensions: 510mm (width) x 698mm (depth) x 1508mm (height)

Weight: 170kg

It's easy! Just let us know your event venue and we can do a site visit to facilitate the set up. We'll have out staff to dispense and serve the soft serve. If you prefer to have a do-it-yourself experience, no problem, have it the DIY-fun way!

Making hundreds of soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt at First DreamWorks Day in Asia 2017